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Outlook of Institutes

Most academic institutions today have a wide variety of certification, degree and PGD courses towards IT and IS. Though these courses prepare students towards various IT careers, they are still sought with following concerns:

  • Do these courses give students a ready industry acceptance?
  • Can a student from any discipline advantage from these courses and look forward to a good employment?
  • Do they give a winning or differentiating edge to their students from that of other competing institutes?
  • Are these courses focusing more on mature technologies?

There is no more doubt left with the industry now that they will keep on requiring BI professionals for quite some time to come. As BI can be connected to any business process, and as more and more industries are adopting BI, there is no doubt that any graduate with BI training will enjoy a distinguished employment preference.

BI expertise seems to be taking ‘the necessity’ value for professionals in the time to come; a value that we are attaching to MLL computing knowledge at present.