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Certified Courses

The IIBI fulfills the need of industry ready professionals to meet the challenges of changing market scenario by breezing the prevailing Industry-Institute gap through providing multifunctional and multi adoptability certification.

The programs at IIBI prepare you to put the ideas and concepts of the intelligent enterprise and business intelligence into effective use in their enterprise. The focus is on the discovery, organization, structure and use of intelligence material and mapping out the view from business to the view into the business. Concepts of corporate measures such as critical success factors, key performance indicators (KPIs), pulse points and function/process performance are covered.

Technological advancements with their real-time applications have made necessary the demand for professionals possessing domain and user (packaged application) expertise above a good academic base. Industry requirements are increasing day by day with the rising competition and need professional efficacy from their people right from their first day at work

Our Value Added Certificate Programs address major corporate BI requirements for trained professionals, as personnel training form an integral part of any BI deployment.

Business Intelligence courses span training requirements for routine administrative processes to management tasks of strategic decision-making.

Value added education and training programs train a Student/Professional and hence the corporates to access and create strategic reports, analyze information, and drill down on the data that should help them identify opportunities to strengthen profits, differentiate products and services, and improve operational and supply chain efficiencies.

Different industries like Automotive, Telecommunication, Educational Institutes, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, and other industrial sub-sectors can utilize Business Objects Business intelligence to access such information to improve enterprise performance.

Advantages of the Programs

  • Courses are solution, process and role oriented and not merely module oriented
  • Courses are based on real-world customer requirements
  • Courses are revised with market trend changes
  • Equips consultants for current market requirements
  • Keeps you ahead with updated examples from live projects
  • Designed by consultants for consultants

Benefits to Professionals and Students

  • Industry expectations from newly graduating trainees are continuously rising due to productivity requirements of return on investment pressures. Hence, such courses create industry confidence in them during recruitments and increases opportunities.
  • The weave of technology in daily management has now created a necessity even for seasoned professionals and managers to update their technological ability looking at the huge number of MIS professionals graduating from premium institutes across the globe.
  • BI professionals can serve the source of key strategic input for the management and hence highly valuable
  • BI training raises the limited function-tied role of a professional to that of a domain expert.