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Vision & Mission


We envision a Business Intelligent world made possible by dedicated Business Intelligence professionals empowered by a systematic education and training put to their professional practice in management and financial.

Our vision is to prepare industry ready professionals who can contribute from their first day at work by reducing industry training cycle time, efforts and resources; and to equip organizations for timely tapping the opportunities in line with their business objectives and goals.

India has always enjoyed the pride of being at forefront in giving intellectuals and celebrated institutes in the service of humankind, and a country exhibiting inherent entrepreneurial skills.

IIBI is committed and dedicated towards bringing the maximum benefits and expertise of Business Intelligence and IT to the nation, and be an active participant in national development through technological advantage.

We envision delivering the highest industry standards in IT education and training to professionals globally who could in turn be the catalyst in a faster global growth and development.


IIBI’s mission is to be a catalyst in the growth of India and other developing countries through providing education in business intelligence that improves managerial practices in the private as well as the public sectors and help everyone in the organization work towards adopting superior public policies.

Education and Training plays one of the most important roles in preparing experts for industry and thus effecting better growth – this philosophy forms the foundation of our mission statement.

We look towards providing industry standard training to students and professionals through our ‘Centre of Excellence (COE)’ that would groom them in information management and multiply their career prospects; and to help organizations establish in-house BI competency centres.

  • To continuously search, identify and tap the latest developments in education, research and training
  • To set innovative paradigms in education through sourcing the best possible education and training programs and to make them available to the deserving students and professionals nationally and globally
  • To build value added knowledge base for immediate industry applications through establishing Centres of Excellence
  • To educate and train prospects by updating them on emerging technologies and newer business techniques thus widening their knowledge and skills
  • To develop technical, organizational, and managerial skills among professionals at all levels to elicit the leadership initiative across all the departments in an organization