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The difference is collaborative efforts

Our economy has opened to the global opportunities, and competition at the highest level now prevails. Customer needs are changing and growing. The expectations of people from industries and service providers have raised the industry requirements for the engineering and other professionals to the next higher level.

This has created a social expectation and need from the academic institutions to give that extra edge to the current educational programs and to give that added advantage to our students to compete globally and meet these niche global requirements. Higher expectations from students as future professionals and the academia as their guides has resulted into the need for innovative approaches to teaching.

With this in the horizon, Euthenics IT Services has colloborated with the Indian Institute of Business Intelligence to address the rapidly expanding need of the industry for technocrats and trained professionals, and to raise the career graph of students, professionals, and executives from all the fields to the next level and be a catalyst in their professional progress.

Our objective is to prepare industry ready professionals who can contribute from their first day at work by reducing industry training cycle time, efforts and resources; and to equip organizations for timely tapping the opportunities in line with their business objectives and goals.

Value added professional skills can make a compounded social difference through raising efficiency and quality of services. The challenges and rewards have never been greater.